Nail Services
Palms Manicure
Palms Deluxe
Enjoy a cappuccino or smoothie w/ every pedicure
Splash n’ Go Pedicure                                 
Enjoy a foot soak in our therapeutic pedicure
chair with massage. Cuticle, nail grooming, a
softening lotion, then polish.
Palms Coconut Pedicure                                
Our Palms Coconut comes with our OPI Smooth
lotion that concentrates on softening calluses
and works to protect the skin that will rejuvenate
your feet and lower legs..
Caribbean Detox Pedicure                              
Enjoy this detoxifying salt soak to destress and
revitalize your skin. Our Caribbean uses our
Papaya Pineapple Scrub, Mask, and Cucumber
massage. Finish with choice of polish.
Caffeinated Espresso Pedicure                    
Best Pedicure EVER!  Soak into botanical
extracts and caffeine. Our espresso scrub
reduces calluses and rough skin.  Then
enjoy our hydrating skin mask with hot
towels. Last is our cappuccino moisturizing
skin massage lotion to rejuvenate the skin
back to silky smooth. Finish with your
choice of polish.
Splash ‘n Go Manicure                          
Ideal for women and men on the go!  
Indulge your hands with a warm paraffin
treatment.  Nails are buffed to the natural
shine or finished with polish of your
Palms Lemon Manicure                  
An exclusive conditioning of the cuticle and
shaping of the nails, moisturizes the hands
with our Lemon Tonic massage lotion and
choice of polish.
Tropical Glow Manicure                     $27
This fascinating hand treatment starts with
an exfoliating tropical citrus scrub to help
soften skin, leaving it silky smooth. Finish
with a nail and cuticle grooming with polish
of your choice.
Caffinated Espresso Manicure              
The Ultimate Manicure Treatment!  Our
espresso exfoliating mild scrub
reduces rough skin. We then wrap
your hands in hot towels with our
espresso mask. Followed by a
cappuccino massage lotion. Your
choice of polish.
Creative Nail Design
$20 without Manicure
add $7 for Shellac with Manicure
add $9 for Shellac with Pedicure

Shellac Soak Off                $10
Shellac Polish Change        $18

Shellac Top Coat over any Reg. Polish
By Taylor Rainey, Shelby
Baker and Courtney Chen